Customer Service Tips: LAAF to Handle Complaints Part 1

As a customer, what do you expect when you find out that the product or service you paid for isn’t good? Would you prefer:

  1. As a customer, what do you expect when you find out that the product or service you paid for isn’t good? Would you prefer:
  2. Someone to listen to and understand your concern?
  3. A knowledgeable and polite employee who is empowered to make a decision and do something?
  4. Options to fix the problem?
  5. A quick resolution, as immediate as possible?
  6. An apology for your inconvenience or frustration?
  7. A refund for your purchase?
  8. Depending on the situation, some kind of compensation for your trouble?
  9. Follow-through on what is agreed to and promised?

Too often when customers try to get complaints addressed, they come in contact with overworked and underappreciated employees. These employees will listen but most often can’t make a decision and have to get a manager involved. Or, they are faced with the nightmarish task of finding how and where to file a complaint online. Often, they are put on hold or have to face an automated phone machine that can get frustratingly repetitive. Have you experienced any of this as a customer? How does this run around make you feel? Does it increase your purchases and loyalty to that company’s brand? Obviously not! Too many companies take their customers for granted thinking they will always be there no matter the circumstance.

Most complaints can be handled satisfactorily. Most customers don’t want to complain. Many are reasonable complainers. Our research shows that only 1 out of 20 people, who could complain, do complain. Most customers are silent complainers they do this instead:

  • Quit buying all together at the company.
  • Reduce their purchases and seek more pleasant alternatives.
  • Tell all of their friends and family about their troubles. Now with social media options any customer can reach millions of people through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others in a heartbeat.

This is a real opportunity for any company and employee. For the company, this means they need to aggressively seek complaints by asking for customer feedback through surveys, market research, person-to-person interactions and social media campaigns. The complaint you know about you can probably solve. It’s the many complaints you don’t know about that will hurt you.

Your Role in Handling Complaints

In this day and age we tell any person to be a student of the game. As we’ve mentioned continuously learning about how to do your job better can only benefit you. Read the books, watch the DVDs or online programs, attend seminars or Webinars. Whether you have company support or not, you must Inc. yourself. No matter what job you have you are ultimately in business for yourself. You don’t do the job for free. In order to advance in your career and make your money you have to excel. In your learning, keep finding ways to understand human behavior. Review the LAAF Model below as a way to handle 90% of the complaints you receive. It gives you a guide to think like a customer, and build empathy so you can solve the problem even more effectively.


Pay attention, take notes, summarize key issues-“What I hear you saying is… “


“I am sorry that happened.” Or, “I apologize that we let you down. I know I can make it up to you.”


“Thank you for letting me know about this. I know this is an inconvenience to you.”


“I have three potential options to fix the situation. But, can I ask a couple of questions first?”

Complaining customers are golden and will become more loyal, if you respond fast and appropriately. They are golden because they told you about a problem (Many customer don’t), and now you know how you or your company can improve. With this overview of LAAF you received the nuts and bolts that can help you be better. There are more details to learn so check out part 2, and continue your education. Kerry Stokes said, “The most important adage and the only adage is, the customer comes first, whatever the business, the customer comes first.”

4 Tips to Choose a Good Appliance Repair Service Provider

Household appliances make our lives easier. As a matter of fact, most of us can’t live without these units. Primarily, we use appliances to save a lot of time so we can enjoy our hobbies and spend time with our loved ones. Therefore, it’s important to make sure all our appliances work properly at all times. Given below are some tips that can help you choose the best appliance repair service.

1. Look for Right Repair Provider

First of all, you should look for the right service provider to have your appliances repaired. To look for the best one, we suggest that you discuss the matter with your colleagues, neighbors, and friends.

If they give you positive opinions about the service they used, you can check out the same provider. Aside from this, you can check different review websites to find out more about different service providers and their ratings. Don’t forget to check the experience of the service providers. Once you have made a short-list of some good repair services, you should book appointments for meetings.

2. Look For a Qualified Professionals

When looking for a good professional, make sure you consider one that offers quality services. For this purpose, you can ask for certifications and proof of training. The idea is to confirm that the pros you are looking for know their jobs very well. Besides, you may want to make sure that the professionals are trained and know how to repair the latest models of different appliances you use.

In other words, looking for a qualified professional is a must if you want to get the job done in a professional fashion.

3. Know the Repair Cost

For appliance repair, there are not fixed service charges. Therefore, the service provider will charge you based on the type of fault in your device or machine. Therefore, you may want to ask the pro about how they figure out the service charges. Typically, the cost is a combo of service fees, parts and labor.

Typically, experienced technicians make provisional diagnoses. Most of them tend to bring the right parts when they visit your premises to check the product. And this can helps you save a lot of money on labor cost. In addition, it’s much better to get quotes from many providers in order to compare prices.

4. Ask About Warranties

Once your appliance is fixed, it should continue to work for months if not years. But if it stops working a few days later, know that the repair job was not done properly. Therefore, you may want to make sure that the repair technician offers a warranty on their service.

If a service provider offers no guarantee, you may consider hiring another service provider.

In short, there are a lot of repair services out there, which makes it confusing to opt for the right one. Therefore, we suggest that you follow the tips given above to ensure you get the best professional to meet your needs. Ideally, the technicians must be reliable, trustworthy and experienced. Hope this helps.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Web Hosting Service

People often ask me about factors that they should be taking into consideration before signing up for a web hosting service. Unfortunately, there is not one, simple answer. Instead, different types of requirements can be served with different types of services. You can start with narrowing down your own requirements. Don’t forget to make two distinct lists: ‘must-have requirements’ and ‘optional requirements’. Once you are aware of what you need out of a web hosting service, second step would be deciding your budget. This is probably the easiest step of all because you would know that already somewhere in the back of your head.

There are heaps of hosting providers available in the market. Hence, we started our search with narrowing down what we are looking for. A simple Google search can return several services and it might be hard to choose from. But if you keep your list of requirements in front of you, it would be much easier. Here is what you can do to aid your search:

1) Study the web hosting service: After filtering a few service providers, you should start digging into the business history of each. Remember to strikethrough those that are not in business since a reasonable amount of time. A reasonable amount of time can range from one to three years. Read reviews of that particular service provider on blogs and forums. Only move with this provider if it passes the first step.

2) Choose web hosts with at least 99.9% uptime: Do remember that a cheap service may attract you with colorful banners and advertisements. However, it is not necessary that their servers are capable of handling traffic consistently, no matter what the load is. Many good services mention their server up-time. Filter your list of web hosts with only those that have at least 99.9% server uptime.

3) Look for Support & Knowledge base: Never sign up with a service provider that doesn’t offer 24/7 support. Many good hosting services offer live chat option. Although the wait-time is considerable, but you have an advantage of getting your issue resolved quickly. Make sure that the company has a good knowledge base available at your disposal and it includes basic FAQs in it. You don’t want to keep your website visitors on hold till your web host fix the issue.

If you consider these three things in your web host hunting, you will definitely end up finding a great service that will the long-lasting companion of your website and your clients.

Buying A VPN Service

A VPN or Virtual Private Network ensures the security and privacy of a private or public network. This is done by using a system or protocol whereby the user's computer is assigned a new IP address which is owned by the VPN. All of the Internet traffic of the user is channelled to the VPN server. Once there, it is decrypted and allowed to travel to the new IP address. The user's Internet service Provider will only see a single stream of encrypted data stream between the user and the VPN server. The ISP will not be able to log and monitor or control the user's internet usage.

What are the advantages of a VPN?

In this day of hacking online accounts, unsolicited data tracking, security and privacy are important concerns of those who use the Internet extensively for work.

Apart from a virtual firewall, up to 256 bit SSL encryption security and hiding your ISP IP address, the other benefits of using a VPN are unrestricted speed and bandwidth and access to blocked websites. Ads on the internet are blocked. Most of them have apps on Android and iOS and so can be accessed on mobile phones also. It can be accessed from multiple server locations, wherever you are.

Cost wise, what are the kinds of VPN?

Free VPN services offers it at no cost, but they have to be extensively tested by others before you decide to make it yours, because many free VPN services turn out to be nasty experiences. Your privacy could be compromised in that they sell your data to third parties. Or they provide outdated encryption that is easily hacked. The ramifications encourage people to go for paid VPN services. And at very reasonable rates, it is not a big deal either.

Paid VPN usually take your privacy concerns more seriously as you are paying for them. They have strong encryption and do not store traffic logs.

There are many paid VPN service vendors. It would help to go through some of the rankings available online and read customer reviews of the top five or ten.

Once you have picked the VPN provider, you can check their website for payment options

Payment Options

Credit card or Debit cards. Unionpay is a Chinese bank card.

BitCoin, which is a crypto currency is a revolutionary, secure payment service based on peer to peer network. The advantage of BitCoin payment is that there is no middleman controlling the payment. It is an open source virtual currency that cannot be traced back to you. It is called an anonymous payment option.

PayPal an online payment service where one sets up an account to make payments. There are no merchant fees involved in PayPal payments. But their legal department may not support certain transactions and they are not present in all countries.

Other Payment merchants that offer online payment solutions to VPN providers around the world are Ali Pay), CASHU, Payment Wall and Skrill.

Direct wire money transfers.