BLCO Seller – Tips to Buy It

BLCO fully means bonny light crude oil. It is a type of petroleum which originates from Nigeria, precisely the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. The price of BLCO is sold based on platts. The place to buy BLCO is from NNPC. The full meaning of NNPC is Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation. You will require up to $80,000,000 to able to buy BLCO from NNPC. You will also be required to be a major oil dealer. You may be required to own an oil refinery.

If you meet these conditions, then you should set off to purchase BLCO from NNPC. The marketing department of NNPC is responsible for this. After you must have met all their requirements, the next step is to get oil allocation. The oil allocation is usually yearly and you will be allotted up to 50,000,000 barrels. It may be divided into months.

You can also buy BLCO from persons who have already gotten oil allocation from NNPC. If you just require 2,000,000 million barrels either through TTO, TTT, CIF or FOB, then this option will be best for you. The set of sellers are usually in joint venture with NNPC. You should never give LC or TT to any person without verifying the existence of the product. Most scammers will ask you for upfront payment either for clearance, loading vessel etc after SPA is signed. There are a lot of scammers and timewasters in this business and you should put every effort to avoid them and never deal with them. This is so because you will be wasting your time and money. You should never raise any instrument without doing QNQ.

Normally when QnQ must have been done, most vessel owners would allow your supercargo to remain on board till payment is completed and all the vessel documents including ulage, billing of lading are handed over to the buyer. You need to be very careful when you buy BLCO from Nigeria so you will not be duped.

Top Tips to Buy a Pedestal Fan

Nowadays, you can find a huge variety of portable fans in the market. These appliances are used to provide drafts, add ventilation, get personal comfort and control climate. The basic components of these fans include the oscillator gearbox, shaft, motor housing, blade guard, lead wires, blades and fan base, just to name a few. In this article, we are going to take a look at the benefits of these machines and a few tips that can help you buy one.


  • Multi-functional
  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Economical
  • Maximization of the effectiveness of air conditioner
  • Consumption of less power
  • Eco-friendly

Blade Sweep

Generally, the blade sweep of a pedestal fan is the round area that the blades cover. The diameter of the blade sweep is figured out by measuring the distance from the edge of the blades. Ideally, the sweep of your pedestal fan should be either 450mm or 400mm.

Although these fans have a lot of cooling power, they don’t make a lot of noise. Despite the fact, some people do enjoy this noise, especially when they are asleep.


Different types of material are used to make these fans. For instance, plastic is a common material. Fans made of plastic look cheap but are quite practical. The reason is that they don’t rust unlike stainless steel. In the same way, brass tends to oxidize and you may need to polish it over and over again.

However, metal fans are stronger and stand the test of time. The blades of these fans are made of aluminum.

Removable Grill

With regular use, fans tend to collect dust. Buying a fan that features a removal grill is a great idea. All you need to do is remove the screws to access the grill, which is quite convenient. On the other hand, some fans can’t be opened at all. Make sure you unplug the fan before you clean it.


The majority of these fans feature 90 degrees oscillation. The grill rotates and the pedestal itself is fixed. You can oscillate fans with this feature off as well. You can also buy fans that have vertical tilt as well, which is between 20 degrees and 30 degrees.

Fan Power

Basically, industrial machines are rated based on how much air they can move, which is measured in cubic feet per minute or CFM. On the other hand, consumer fans don’t have this rating.

Although the input power (which is in watts) is not a good indicator of the power of a consumer fan, it can give you a pretty good idea of its wind power.

On average, for home usage, the power in wattage is between 50 watts and 100 watts. You can find this information on the back or bottom of the device.

Fan Speed

The speed of the fan is given in RPM or rotations per minute. To control the speed, you can use the speed regulators.


You can adjust the height of the fan as per your needs.

Remote Controls

Today, you can also buy pedestal fans that you can control using the remote control.

So, make sure you follow these tips when buying a pedestal fan.

Tips to Help You Buy the Right AR 15 Handguard

If you want to choose the right type of handguard for the first time, making this decision can be a bit confusing for you. In this article, we are going to talk about the tips you need to keep in mind when buying the AR 15 handguard. You will read about some important features that your handguard should have. Read on to know more.

There is not a lot of difference between foregrips, handguards, and forearms. They look the same. Actually, the purpose of this product is to protect your hand from any harm while you are using the weapon.

Aside from this, the handguard can help you have a stronger grip on your weapon. Given below are some of the issues that you may want to consider before you choose a free-floating or drop-in forearm.

Look: You can find this product in different types of looks such as tactical or military. Some people prefer the regular AR 15 lock.

Shooting: For some people, accurate shooting is important. Therefore, you should keep this pointer in mind if accuracy matters more to you.

Installation: The installation time refers to the time you need to spend in order to modify your weapon.

Accessories: If you want to mount additional accessories on your weapon, you need to consider this point.

Use: Heat is another factor that you may want to take into account if shooting is your hobby.

Weight: If you are looking for something light, make sure you choose a product that is lightweight.

Cost: If budget is your primary concern, look for something inexpensive.

These are some important points that will help you to create a shortlist of products that you may consider. Let’s find out about two primary options that you may consider.

Drop-in Forearms

Some people prefer originally designed stuff. If you are like these people, you may try out the drop-in type. Basically, this type of handguard consists of two pieces. Moreover, they can be easily installed and removed. You just need to pull the delta ring back and then drop it inside.

The good thing is that you don’t need to modify it. Drop-in models are quite simple and inexpensive. If you are worried about heat, you may consider purchasing a polymer forearm. Moreover, if you want to use a bipod or laser, you can consider a drop-in guard that looks like a rail.

The Free-float AR 15 Handguard

If you are worried about accuracy, you may consider a handguard or a free-floating forearm. Basically, the forearm attachment should not touch the rifle barrel. This is important if you don’t want to get into trouble. You can also enjoy better accuracy if you choose to mount your rifle on something like a bipod.

Finally, if you want to mount some accessories, you may want to purchase a railed forearm for better service. As an alternative, you can also consider a rail-less model, especially if you don’t have a lot of accessories to mount. Similarly, for heat resistance, you can consider a carbon fiber option.

Hopefully, these steps will help you purchase the right type of handguard.