Tips to Buying a Micro Inverter

A micro inverter is an essential element that you will find when you decide to remove yourself from the grid and enjoy solar energy moving forward. All solar systems comprise of panels, batteries, inverters and more, working together to convert the sun into energy that you can use to power your home or office with ease and confidence.

There are some important factors you are going to want to take into consideration when it comes to choosing micro inverters. The most important things is to ensure you buy a good quality product that is made to last and that you buy from a reliable and reputable company that will deliver the item to you without delay, so you can get up and running again without being in the dark for too long.

The best place to shop around for a micro inverter is online. The INTERNET is overflowing with solar specialist companies that can provide you with this type of product. Of course they are not all of the same caliber, which is why you need to spend some time, do your research and then identify which company and which products you believe are going to be the right match for you moving forward.

You will want to choose a handful of suppliers you want to buy from and then spend some time learning about each one and their services to narrow down your list to one or two companies. Reviewing the companies and the products are relatively easy and everything can be done online, which is a major benefit, as you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home at any time in order to learn about each of the items, the company and more.

Start by typing the exact product name into your search engine and then go through the results, looking for online review sites and forums where you can find honest customer reviews. You will then want to do the same with each of the company’s you have chosen as a micro inverter supplier. Follow the same steps to get honest customer feedback that you can rely on and trust.

You will be amazed how this one simple step can help you narrow down your search considerably, taking you from a handful of potential suppliers to one or two reliable suppliers that you feel you can trust now and possibly continue to use moving forward.

With your reviews out of the way, now is your chance to compare the micro inverters available. You can pinpoint which ones you feel are going to be the best match for you based on your unique set up and requirements. You will also be able to compare the companies, identifying the ones you feel will provide you with the best products and services.

It is so important to check with the companies to identify what warranty comes with the micro inverter. When buying this component for your solar system, you expect it to last a few years, offering you years of renewable energy and enjoyment. You need to know that should the item be faulty or if it suddenly stops working after a couple of months, you can return it for a replacement, refund or repair.

The final things to take into consideration when buying a micro inverter is to ensure that you choose a company that will provide you with the fastest dispatch and delivery times, so you can get your system up and running without delay. Then there is the company’s return policy, just something to put your mind at ease that you can rely on should something go wrong with the inverter.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Kids’ Clothes Online

You may want to consider a few important factors when purchasing kids’ clothes online. Ignore these factors and you will end up making costly mistakes. Whether you are buying online or at a local store, make sure you have a set budget. Besides, you should have a clear idea about what you are looking for. Given below are some shopping tips you need to keep in mind.

Shopping in the Wrong Places

The majority of online purchasers don’t have any idea about where they should buy clothes for their kids on the internet. If you can’t identify scammers, you should not purchase online.

In other words, you need to be more careful when shopping online. It is not a good idea to use the services of a middleman. Aside from this, you should be familiar with the online supplier as well. It is much better to get recommendations and referrals from your friends family and relatives.

Disclosing Personal Information

It is not a good idea to save your personal information on websites that you are not familiar with. The reason is that scammers may log into your account and buy a lot of stuff using your credit card details. In the same way, you must not disclose your confidential information on the internet. This is one of the most common mistakes that a lot of parents make these days.

Shopping without a Coupon

Another big mistake the majority of parents make when purchasing their kids’ clothes is buying without a coupon. The reason is that coupon codes can help you save a lot of money when purchasing online. This feature is offered by the majority of online retailers.

Ignoring Shipping Costs

It will cost you a lot of money if you don’t consider the shipping cost. At almost all online stores, you can use the filter feature to choose products that you can buy without paying huge shipping costs.

This will help you shutter a fair budget. Many sellers offer free delivery service. Therefore you may want to consider this factor when purchasing kids’ clothes online.

Ignoring the Return Policy

One of the main disadvantages of buying online is that you may end up making a mistake as far as its size of clothing is concerned. Therefore, it is a good idea to have the right measurement prior to placing your order on the website of your favorite retailer.

Keep in mind that some retailers don’t accept returned goods. If you end up buying the wrong size, you won’t be able to return the product to the seller. In this case, you will have to suffer huge losses.

It is much better to take a closer look at the return policy so you can avoid frustration after the purchase.

In short, if you are going to purchase your kids’ clothing online, we suggest that you consider the tips given above to avoid the common mistakes that most online buyers make. This will also help you save a lot of money on your purchase.

Customer Service Tips: LAAF to Handle Complaints Part 1

As a customer, what do you expect when you find out that the product or service you paid for isn’t good? Would you prefer:

  1. As a customer, what do you expect when you find out that the product or service you paid for isn’t good? Would you prefer:
  2. Someone to listen to and understand your concern?
  3. A knowledgeable and polite employee who is empowered to make a decision and do something?
  4. Options to fix the problem?
  5. A quick resolution, as immediate as possible?
  6. An apology for your inconvenience or frustration?
  7. A refund for your purchase?
  8. Depending on the situation, some kind of compensation for your trouble?
  9. Follow-through on what is agreed to and promised?

Too often when customers try to get complaints addressed, they come in contact with overworked and underappreciated employees. These employees will listen but most often can’t make a decision and have to get a manager involved. Or, they are faced with the nightmarish task of finding how and where to file a complaint online. Often, they are put on hold or have to face an automated phone machine that can get frustratingly repetitive. Have you experienced any of this as a customer? How does this run around make you feel? Does it increase your purchases and loyalty to that company’s brand? Obviously not! Too many companies take their customers for granted thinking they will always be there no matter the circumstance.

Most complaints can be handled satisfactorily. Most customers don’t want to complain. Many are reasonable complainers. Our research shows that only 1 out of 20 people, who could complain, do complain. Most customers are silent complainers they do this instead:

  • Quit buying all together at the company.
  • Reduce their purchases and seek more pleasant alternatives.
  • Tell all of their friends and family about their troubles. Now with social media options any customer can reach millions of people through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others in a heartbeat.

This is a real opportunity for any company and employee. For the company, this means they need to aggressively seek complaints by asking for customer feedback through surveys, market research, person-to-person interactions and social media campaigns. The complaint you know about you can probably solve. It’s the many complaints you don’t know about that will hurt you.

Your Role in Handling Complaints

In this day and age we tell any person to be a student of the game. As we’ve mentioned continuously learning about how to do your job better can only benefit you. Read the books, watch the DVDs or online programs, attend seminars or Webinars. Whether you have company support or not, you must Inc. yourself. No matter what job you have you are ultimately in business for yourself. You don’t do the job for free. In order to advance in your career and make your money you have to excel. In your learning, keep finding ways to understand human behavior. Review the LAAF Model below as a way to handle 90% of the complaints you receive. It gives you a guide to think like a customer, and build empathy so you can solve the problem even more effectively.


Pay attention, take notes, summarize key issues-“What I hear you saying is… “


“I am sorry that happened.” Or, “I apologize that we let you down. I know I can make it up to you.”


“Thank you for letting me know about this. I know this is an inconvenience to you.”


“I have three potential options to fix the situation. But, can I ask a couple of questions first?”

Complaining customers are golden and will become more loyal, if you respond fast and appropriately. They are golden because they told you about a problem (Many customer don’t), and now you know how you or your company can improve. With this overview of LAAF you received the nuts and bolts that can help you be better. There are more details to learn so check out part 2, and continue your education. Kerry Stokes said, “The most important adage and the only adage is, the customer comes first, whatever the business, the customer comes first.”

Tips On Purchasing A Vespa: A First-Time Buyer’s Guide

Vespa is a popular Italian scooter brand that was introduced to the market over 66 years ago. Today, it is one of Europe’s most popular two-wheeled vehicles. And Piaggio, its manufacturer, is hailed as one of the world’s largest motorcycle companies in terms of unit sales. It’s not that difficult to distinguish this product from other counterparts because of its unique features. Vespa scooters are actually quite known for their colourful and pressed steel unibody, flat floorboard and a prominent front fairing. They are more comfortable and convenient to ride. And they provide better protection than most motorcycle models. They wouldn’t be one of the fastest selling scooters for no reason. So if you are convinced that owning one is the best move for you, here are some tips you might want to refer to when buying your first Vespa.

If you have never ridden a scooter before, it is highly recommended that you get a 50cc model during your first purchase. It is considered the beginner bile and it will help you learn how to balance yourself, glide, take corners and keep yourself stable when you are riding. When you are confident enough, you can move on to 150cc or 250cc models which offer more power and speed.

Shop around for a scooter dealer that offers you the best price on a Vespa scooter. They usually retail below $2,000. So anything near $1,500 can be considered a good deal. Don’t be afraid to negotiate the payment terms as well as the services that go along with the acquisition. Merchants would be more than happy to oblige you with your requests in exchange for a sale.

Don’t forget to inspect the product before you take it home. Take it for a test drive too. If you are planning to buy a Vespa online, you have to make sure you get a great warrant and money-back guarantee so you can exchange your product if it is not up to standards. Don’t go for retailers who do not cover frater damages because that would just increase the risk of ending up with a subpar merchandize. Now, before you sign release forms from the logistics company, look over the scooter carefully for any bends, scratches, chips, and ripples; and then, check the engine if it is working. It would be great if you have a mechanic on standby for professional advice. But if you don’t, at least you have warranty to rely on.

Finally, for sound resources and advice, reach out the communities. They should be experienced enough to provide you with the insight you need for satisfying transaction. Ask them for scooter dealer suggestions as well as model and service endorsements on top of safety precautions and driving tips.

There’s really not that much to buying a Vespa. The process is pretty much the same as in ordering every day commodities. Perhaps, what makes it a bit more complicated is the amount of money involved. And it makes perfect sense if you are a bit concerned about the investment. But with the aforementioned guidelines, you will do just fine at it. Now, if you are still unconvinced, postpone the purchase and do a little more research on the matter.